What is your team learning mission? Unlock the human potential in your high performing teams by transforming team challenges into team connection.

Learning is a cycle of ongoing evolution. We are all learners. We are all teachers. Key Concepts. Critical Reflection. Communication. Creative Collaboration. Community-Led Change. Discover the latest social, experiential, learner-centred, inquiry-based Workplace Learning Program for teams, backed by academic & industry research.

How your team will benefit from our Workplace Learning Program in 4 key areas:


Teams will critically engage with key concepts & ideas throughout the program, discussing, analysing & considering different research perspectives on the topics & their own experiences, building conceptual & practical understanding.


Teams will practice individual & team reflection throughout the program, building both self awareness & deeper team awareness on the topics, their workplace, their work & their own development.


Teams will collaborate throughout the program in practical tasks, discussions & through shared experiences, building relationships between individuals & teams, applying the learning as they grow.


Teams will creatively work together on projects throughout the year, discussing & applying concepts, collaborating, connecting & reflecting on their work as a team, as well as making plans for future work applications.

What is the value of media-based team learning simulations set in a futuristic workplace?

The Measured Human Workplace Learning Framework for teams integrates 3 key concepts across 3 x 3 month modules over a year. In this video you will hear about weekly videos, however we have recently updated the program to include focused digital workshops led by our highly experienced trainers on Emotional Intelligence, Communications & Leadership in our Work Foundations Series 1 Program, to provide a practical framework for teams to integrate key skill areas in their real work life. Work Foundations Series 2 focuses on Neuroscience, Mindfulness & Social Intelligence, Work Foundation Series 3 focuses on Motivation, Productivity & Teams. With the combination of our futuristic media simulations, expert trainers & highly engaging hands on workshops, your teams will love an applied learning approach that is both fun & functional.

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