Connect your humans. Reduce stress. Build knowledge. Create & measure action. Discover the latest media psychology, industry-based workplace training for teams.

Inspire your people with hyper actionable strategies as they immerse in a new media learning experience like no other. Our videos simulate a team working on Mars in 2049, as they use real world top research to survive, together. Join your team in the ultimate human learning mission as together you adapt the knowledge, social skills & wellbeing to evolve & thrive in your real work mission, today.

Train as a team. Evolve as a team. Thrive as a team.

Not the same old
research based content

Easily engage your team with 1 x weekly micro video exploring hyper actionable research on topics like neuroscience, emotional intelligence, leadership & communication, with a sci-fi twist.

Sharing &

Bring teams together to analyse key research & ideas from the micro videos through group chat and self reflective questions on our interactive platform.

Transform new ideas
into action

30 min monthly facilitated team video meetings are part of an integrated workplace learning taxonomy which helps teams take fresh ideas, address real work challenges & create initiatives.

Track & measure

Understand your team's progress through regular qualitative & quantitative data reporting collated from our interactive platform and video meetings.

Make a

Sponsor a team from a Not For Profit or Charity Organisation to do our full workplace learning program.

What's the benefits of media-based team learning at work?

Choose the subscription that's right for your team

Select an option, fill out the form and we will be in contact to sign up your team.

Weekly micro-videos, facilitated monthly team video meetings, goal setting, data analysis & reporting, ongoing workplace learning solution.

Exclusive access for teams on The Measured Human Workplace Learning platform.

We do the admin for you by facilitating online chats, team meetings and even setting up your profiles. No need for HR to do more work.

Your contribution of $2 per person sponsors a team from a Not For Profit or Charity Organisation to do our full workplace learning program and we donate $1 per person, per month from your Teams for Teams subscription directly to the organisation to support their social or environmental cause.

Regular updates on how your team contribution is making a difference to the Not For Profit or Charity Organisation of your choice.

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