Rachel Nicholson & Melanie Fawcett - Founders of The Measured Human

G'day. What's your team mission? Here's ours. 

We believe that when teams work together in a shared learning mission, we create our own evolution. 

That's why we facilitate teams to connect, evolve & thrive in our changing work world, through a collaborative, creative, learner-centred, inquiry-based, social & experiential learning process with meaningful media learning experiences, using a diverse, yet unifying, human lens.

We also think workplace learning should be alot more than free coffee & sandwiches at workshops (nothing against free coffee & sandwiches, we love them too.)

Founders & Friends.

We are two Aussie nerds who have been best friends for over 25 years. 

Rachel, Co-Founder and CEO, brings her 20 year career in Senior Finance and Business Consulting to her passion for workplace learning and working with teams. Previously a Senior Lending Manager at Bankwest, Rachel has led Corporate teams, worked in coaching, mentoring and training as well as helping clients in her own legal and finance businesses for the last 10 years. As the lead facilitator in our workplace learning, Rachel brings both a business perspective and keen human insight into her team learning approach, with a focus on outcomes that benefit individuals and their shared business mission.

Melanie, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, has spent 20 years in media and education, across Australia, UK and Thailand. From lecturing at The Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne, to writing, developing and delivering a state-wide media-based program for The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Melanie has spent the last 2 years researching a doctorate in media psychology at The University of The Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Melanie brings her passion as a writer, film-maker and media teacher to leading the research and production of our media-based learning.

As part of our ongoing commitment to academic, industry research and constant evolution, we partner with institutions to examine how our model engages people to want to learn, collaborate and innovate new thinking at work. Just like evolution, learning is never done, that is why we are committed to pushing the boundaries of education and working with human teams into the unknown, on Mars in 2049 and..... beyond.

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